GRAFS GR180 grinder in one of the largest printing houses in Poland!

19 Jan 2021

In December 2020, at the Interdruk SA printing house, a machine was installed - the GRAFS GR180 industrial grinder for sharpening bookbinding knives. Interdruk is one of the largest printing houses in Poland. And certainly, the biggest one which we had the pleasure to cooperate with.

About the Interdruk printing house

The Interdruk production plant is located 60 km from Warsaw, in the town of Garwolin. The printing house has 40,000 m2 of production halls and 12,000 m2 of warehouse space. The entire facility covers 10 hectares, which makes the entire complex resemble a small town! Over 250 machines and devices, including 8 fully automatic lines allowing for production in a closed cycle - from the role of paper to the finished product. 6 modern offset printing machines. The company also has 16 paper cutting machines.

GR180 grinder equipment

The Interdruk printing house decided to purchase a knife grinder in our company, with the assumption of fully preparing the machine for sharpening bookbinding knives. The priority here was the ability to sharpen knives with a high-speed steel (HSS) insert and knives with a carbide insert (HM). Due to the accuracy of grinding and the appropriate level of liquid filtration to be maintained when sharpening knives with a HM insert, we used a combined set of filters. MS magnetic separator with a drum with neodymium magnets and PS paper filter. The PS paper separator allows for more precise filtering of the coolant from non-magnetic output, such as dust from a grinding wheel or dust from carbides.

The GR180 grinder for Interdruk, in addition to the appropriate coolant cleaning system, has also been equipped with a 1800 mm long magnetic table with permanent magnets. The machine has a reinforced 7.5 kW motor with a grinding wheel holder that allows for quick replacement of any grinding wheel. A convenient touch panel allows to configure processing parameters during operation. Grinding wheel feed from 0.001 mm to 0.3 mm, carriage speed from 1 m / min to 16 m / min. The grinder works fully automatically, it is also possible to work on the machine in manual mode.

Below we present a short video showing the operation of the machine in the Interdruk printing house:

GRAFS SERVICE - comprehensive sharpening implementation

Interdruk has benefited from our full implementation package for sharpening industrial knives.

The service consists of:

- Delivery and installation of the machine,

- Supply of consumables and accessories,

- Training in machine operation and consulting,

- Warranty and post-warranty service.