Grafs Technology

GRAFS Technology is a producer of high-performance grinding machines for sharpening industrial knives. Since 2011, we support partners from the printing industry in the field of technical and service. We also provide knife sharpening services for companies from various industries. Driven by passion and supported by 35 years of technical experience, we decided to create a universal machine for sharpening straight knives of all types. Our numerically controlled grinders are designed for many sectors of industry: metal proseccing, wood, printing, packaging, and mainly the recycling industry. We provide service, machine installation, training and professional assistance in choosing the right materials, accessories and operating parameters.


For our part, we provide full technical support related to the purchase of our machines and devices. We have been involved in technical service and machine relocation for 8 years. We know how important today is the reliability and continuity of machine operation, where so many manufacturers are focused on after-sales service in the form of distribution of spare parts. That is why we strive to manufacture machines that meet the highest standards of durability, providing the user with many years of trouble-free operation.
We offer our clients advice on adjusting machine parameters and material consulting. On request, we can provide and install machine at the customer’s premises.


When knives are subjected to intensive use and require frequent regeneration, companies are forced to send knives in large quantities to specialized sharpening service centres. This raises many problems such as logistic delays or even regeneration costs themselves.
To meet this goal, we are able to implement a knife sharpening system in your company from scratch, which will translate into a sense of independence and will often reduce significant costs.


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”

– Henry Ford

What makes us stand out?

Over 35 years of technical experience in service and machine engeneering allows us to solve the most difficult problems
We adapt our products to your individual needs
We provide warranty and post-warranty service, spare parts and consumables


GRAFS vision is to be a leader in the production of special-purpose machines, where functionality, high precision and quality matters.
We want to realize the vision by implementing newer and more advanced, world-class products.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and provide solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

Our values

Our values are: passion, commitment, teamwork, loyalty, building lasting relationships