MS magnetic separator

MS Separator – magnetic separator of coolant with magnetic drum is used to clean the processing liquid from spoil magnetic (e.g. metallic chips) where a high degree of filtration is not required.
The MS separator can be used on a single machine tool or in a central machine filtration system.

Working of the device:

The separator is equipped with a rotating, high strength magnetic drum. The coolant together with the spoil goes to the filter from the machine tool, and it is delivered to the surface of the drum. The coolant flows through the drum, leaving magnetic spoil created during machining.
All sediment is removed from the drum through special scrapers. Coolant through the outlet of the filter goes to the tank where it goes to the machine tool again. Cycle is repeated.

Advantages of MS SEPARATOR
Widely used (suitable for various types of machine tools).
Economical device - low energy consumption.
Easy installation, the filter is fully automatic and requires no maintenance during operation.
Equipped with strong neodymium magnets.
Strong and solid construction, made of aluminum plates.
Can be combined with PS paper separator.
On request - magnetic disks speed optimization.
The separator can be delivered with a tank of any capacity with a coolant pump.