PS paper separator

The PS separator is a gravity filter equipped with a special filter fleece of appropriate density.

Our PS separator is a universal device especially used for cleaning coolants where a high degree of filtration is required. The advantage of this type of filter is the possibility of filtration of non ferrous spoil, e.g. dust from grated wheel or other impurities that are not attracted by magnets.

Working of the device:

The coolant together with the spoil goes to the filter. Then it goes through filter nonwoven fabric, deposit particles form on the fabric to form an additional one high quality filter layer that increases the degree of filtration. Gathering spoil clogs the filter fleece, causing the coolant level to rise. After reaching the maximum allowable level, the float switch trips nonwoven fabric sliding. The clogged nonwoven fabric is wound onto a take-up roller.
At the same time, a clean stretch of nonwoven fabric filters the coolant again. The process is going on automatically.
The nonwoven tape unwinds in short movements, thanks to which its consumption is low.
The cleaned coolant goes to the tank and is fed by the pump
to the machine machine. The cycle repeats.
The PS separator can be combined with the MS magnetic separator for a degree filtration is even greater.

Capacitive sensor of filtered liquid.
Low wear on the filter fleece.
Economical device - low energy consumption.
Different degrees of filtration due to the use of appropriate non-woven fabric.
Easy Installation.
The device is solid and reliable.
Automatic fabric winder.
Can be combined with MS (magnetic) separator.
The separator can be delivered with a tank of any capacity with a coolant pump.