Sharpening and production of industrial knives

sharpening and production industrial knives

We offer the production and sharpening of all kinds of industrial knives used in the wood, carpentry, furniture, metal, recycling, printing and paper industries. We also grind any metal elements that require precise machining at a fixed angle.

We sharpen knives:

  • paper cutter knives
  • three knife trimmers
  • knives for all kinds of guillotines
  • planer knives
  • shredding knives
  • knives for recycling
  • double-sided TERSA knives,
  • circular knives with a diameter of up to 550mm
  • chipper knives
  • all straight knives up to 2000 mm lenght

We have our own machining park and offer production of knives according to the submitted project. We also make knives based on freehand drawings (sketches).
We sharpen the knives to any angles, made of all kinds of materials, including a tungsten carbide and HM inserts. Machining range: element length up to 2000 mm, depth of grinding from 0.001 mm.

The highest level of sharpness of the knives

Maintenance and proper knife protection

Own transport

Fast service