machining grafs

We provide services involving the regeneration or production of metal and plastic components.

We provide services in the field of:

  • Conventional turning (maximum diameter: 300 mm, maximum length: 1200 mm)
  • Milling (600 x 400 mm table, range X: 500 Y: 450 Z: 450)
  • Cylindrical grinding (maximum length: 1200 mm, we also grind plastics – rubber, silicone, polyurethane)
  • Surface grinding (X: 600, Y: 400)
  • Surface grinding at different angle (maximum length: 2000 mm, maximum width: 250 mm)
  • Precise sharpening of tools and sharpening of industrial knives
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • CAD projects, 3D printing and prototyping

The quotation of machining the elements is made on the basis of Documentation / Drawing / Sketch of the part from the customer. We provide timely and competitive prices. We are able to develop and manufacture a device or machine that streamlines production processes.